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2020 Hemlock European Tour Postponed

Hello to all of our HEMLOCK Family, Friends and Fans 

First off… we sincerely hope all of you are safe and healthy during this delicate time.
We have been holding out hoping to hear some better news this week…
But it seems like things are only getting worse before they will slowly start to get better.
So of course like the rest of the Enitre Entertainment World getting put on pause…
Hemlock is also going to postpone our entire 37 Show Tour until a Safer and Healthier Time Frame.
But Hemlock Loves to Rock and we will definitely be back for more Tourdates all around the world 

For now we will work on finsihing up our New Album. We have 18 New Hemlock Songs in the works…
And then we’ll narrow them down to the 12 Strongest and Catchiest Hemlock Anthems. Before you know it
we all will be able to Scream and Sing Along to some New HEMLOCK Tunes with Smiles on our Faces 

MUSIC is the Soundtracks of All of our Lives….and Please remember that Life is Precious…
You Never Know how much time you have left….so Please take care of each other, be kind and
compassionate, be Creative and Try as Hard as You can to make Yourself the Best YOU!!!
Smile Always 

πŸ™‚ Laugh Always 

πŸ™‚ Headbang Often!!! And just be a Good Human Being!!!


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54 thoughts on “Contact page

  1. fance says:

    Those shirts were great! Unfortunately…we do not have them in stock anymore. But…I have had luck on ebay finding some older Hemlock shirts before. πŸ™‚

  2. Richard Thoemke says:

    Hey i seen you guys awhile back here in Albuquerque NM and you guys tore it up. It was at an ozzfest i hope you guys come back be sick to see you guys again.

  3. Mark P. says:

    Im interested in obtaining one of your old concert T-Shirts. I had one back in 2004. It was Black with Green lettering and had the song name ” Noby knows what a killer looks like”.

    Is it still avalable ? and or do you know where I might get one ?



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