25 Year Anniversary Tour starts soon!

Hemlock 25 Year Anniversary Tour

Hemlock Tour dates

Hemlock Tour Dates

Video shoot


Hemlock Mouth of the Swine Video shoot. 

We had a ton of fun filming “Mouth of The Swine”.  Have you seen it yet?

Check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSkTK4LBJ4E

25 Years of Hemlock

In honor of Hemlock’s 25 year Anniversary, we will be posting photos from across the years!

Here one from 1996!

Hemlock 1996

Hemlock 25 Years Strong

Hemlock 25 years Strong

Hemlock 25 years Strong

Hemlock has been Rocking and Rolling for 25 years and still going strong!

Celebrate with us as we share memories from the past 25 years!


European Adventure 2017

Hemlock European Tour Dates 2017. 

We are on our way to Europe for some shows and extra sightseeing fun!

European Adventure

Hemlock European Tour Dates 2017

Hollywood show


Nice write up about the Hollywood show!











Hemlock 2017 “Skele-Tour”

Hemlock is ready to hit the road. Come see us out on tour!

7.14 Hutchinson KS, The Rusty Needle
7.15 Colorado Springs CO, Sunshine Studio
7.16 Denver CO, The Roxy Theater
7.17 Las Vegas NM, El Rialto Patio
7.18 Window Rock AZ, Presidents OFfice Parking Lot
7.19 Durango CO, The Man Fort
7.20 Grand Junction CO, Mesa Theater
7.21 Salt Lake City UT, The Royal
7.22 Jerome ID, Diamondz Event Center
7.23 Idaho Falls ID, The Gem
7.26 Riverton WY, Bomber’s Sports Bar
7.27 Piedmont SD, Elk Creek Steakhouse
7.28 Sheridan WY, My Buddys Place Bar
7.29 Great Falls MT, The DO Bar
7.30 Havre MT, Shamrocks
7.31 Billings MT, THe Pub Station
8.02 Butte MT, The Party Palace
8.03 Missoula MT, The Darkhorse
8.04 Spokane WA, The Emperor Room
8.05 Kennewick WA, Eagles Lodge 2485
8.06 Warm Springs OR, Warm Springs Community Center
8.07 Seattle WA, Studio 7
8.10 Grants Pass OR,
8.11 Ukiah CA, Canova Records
8.12 Crockett CA, Toots Tavern
8.13 Sacramento CA, Blue Lamp
8.14 Hollywood CA, Whiskey A Go Go
8.15 San Diego CA, Brick by Brick
8.17 Fullerton CA, Slidebar Rock-n-Roll
8.18 Las Vegas NV, The Dive Bar
8.19 Mesa AZ, Club Red
8.21 Tuba City AZ, Moenkopi Legacy Inn
8.22 Flagstaff AZ, The Green Room
8.23 Tucson AZ, The Loudhouse
8.24 El Paso TX, The Rockhouse
8.25 Gallup NM, Juggernaut Music
8.26 Albuquerque NM, Burts Tiki Lounge
8.27 Amarillo TX, Zombiez bar and Grill
8.28 Lubbock TX, The O Bar
8.30 Austin TX,
8.31 Houston TX, Acadia Bar & Grill
9.02 Dallas TX, Wit’s End
9.03 Wichita Falls TX, Scoots Bar
9.04 Oklahoma City OK,
9.06 Sioux Falls SD. Bigs Bar
9.07 Sioux City IA, The Marquee
9.08 Merriam KS, Aftershocks
9.09 Des Moines IA, Leftys

100 pounds down!

100 pounds down! Feeling Younger and Better than Ever!
For those of you that know me, you know that I always strive to be a happy and optimistic person. I love to play music and travel the world and I give everything I can into our band Hemlock and the live show. Not saying that I wasn’t happy in the before photo, but I just felt tired all the time and felt like I couldn’t give my 100% to Hemlock. Living on the road and eating WAAAYYY to much fast food caught up to me….which was kind of funny …but I realized LIFE, MUSIC and TRAVELLING the WORLD was WAY more important than the junk food. I realized I was holding myself back.
Hemlock was on tour in Europe in 2012. They were feeding us some much healthier food over there. On that tour, my wife and I also watched a documentary called “Forks Over Knives”. It made me realize that I needed to show my body more respect by what I put into it. We changed the way we were eating and the weight just started dropping off. I had lost 70 pounds over the next few years. I knew I should lose more weight…I still had some unhealthy chubbiness on me, but I seemed to be stuck. We started following Dr. McDougall’s plan for eating (it was very similar to what we were already doing, just a few great changes). In the last 3 months I was able to lose the last 30 pounds. So I am now down 100 pounds from my heaviest.
I’ve gone from maxing out a 2XL T-shirt to being comfortable in a Large T-shirt. 310 pounds to now 210 pounds!
LET”S ROCK!!!!!!