2020 Hemlock European Tour Postponed

Hello to all of our HEMLOCK Family, Friends and Fans 

First off… we sincerely hope all of you are safe and healthy during this delicate time.
We have been holding out hoping to hear some better news this week…
But it seems like things are only getting worse before they will slowly start to get better.
So of course like the rest of the Enitre Entertainment World getting put on pause…
Hemlock is also going to postpone our entire 37 Show Tour until a Safer and Healthier Time Frame.
But Hemlock Loves to Rock and we will definitely be back for more Tourdates all around the world 

For now we will work on finsihing up our New Album. We have 18 New Hemlock Songs in the works…
And then we’ll narrow them down to the 12 Strongest and Catchiest Hemlock Anthems. Before you know it
we all will be able to Scream and Sing Along to some New HEMLOCK Tunes with Smiles on our Faces 

MUSIC is the Soundtracks of All of our Lives….and Please remember that Life is Precious…
You Never Know how much time you have left….so Please take care of each other, be kind and
compassionate, be Creative and Try as Hard as You can to make Yourself the Best YOU!!!
Smile Always 

🙂 Laugh Always 

🙂 Headbang Often!!! And just be a Good Human Being!!!


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9 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Pete LINER 1635 Lawnridge ave. SPRINGFIELD , OR 97477. says:

    This is Pete from Oregon. I went to Basic with you guys. I saw that you came to Salem. The last time I saw you was in Eugene at The Downtown Lounge. I would love to see you and rock out with you guys. If you come back to Oregon, or come close enough to where I am, please let me know where the show is. I still have the. Hardcore Hemlock, Kill your Children, and Dead Man Walking tshirts, + all the albums since high school. If you have any new ones, or new t- shirts in a 3XL, I want them. Keep on kicking ass. I hope to see you soon. P.S. I have a Hemlock inspired tattoo to show you at the next show.


  2. BRIAN L. ELLIS says:

    You Guys Fucking Rock Keep Up The Awesome Work Hope See Your Asses Here In Columbus, Ohio Soon.. It Would Be Awesome Hemlock At The Rock On The Range 2015 Or At The Ohio State Fair 2015 If You Need Contact Info. E-Mail Me At: \,,/ \m/

  3. jami says:

    I seen yall at subway in merkel tx I didn’t know if you were a band or a religious group of hippies (I am not trying to be offensive I just didn’t know) so I googled you guys I listened to a couple of your music video s I am not into heavy metal but yall are pretty good if ya ever in memphis tn check out the noisefactory recording studio he has some awesome bands record there nick is the owner grandson of scotty Moore (lead guitarist for elvis) any way keep up the good work

  4. davin sanchez says:

    cant wait until you guys come bk down to zuni,nm. we all miss the crazy nights. please come bk down here. WE NEED TO HERE THE REAL METAL……. ONCE AGAIN

  5. lenny says:

    cant wait to check you out in Hartford for Mayhem

  6. mathew says:

    Wow that crowd in the mayhem video looked weak for nobody knows…I remember ssein u on ministrys cu latour in south carolina when the singer moshed during ministry…now that was wild shit

  7. Taco Bell Joe says:

    Just wanted you all to have a merry christmas, and can’t wait til you come back to North Platte. We miss you guys!!!!

  8. Walter says:

    Awsome site… When r u guys gonna be back in Roswell, We need some heavy metal, or Roswell is not gonna be the same

  9. marina says:

    hey i cant wait for your next show ive seen you guyys rock out in vegas many times but cant wait untill the next show keep rockin hard. marina from bullhead

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