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Hemlock CDs available for PreOrders

The time is here for Pre-ordering the 2 New Hemlock albums!!!!It’s an exciting new year….22 awesome Hemlock songs!!!11 songs on each new Hemlock album that will melt your face while you are smiling and headbanging at the same time. 🙂Pre-Order yours today! 3 options to choose from!

2020 Hemlock European Tour Postponed

Hello to all of our HEMLOCK Family, Friends and Fans  🙂First off… we sincerely hope all of you are safe and healthy during this delicate time.We have been holding out hoping to hear some better news this week…But it seems like things are only getting worse before they will slowly start to get better.So of course like the rest of the Enitre Entertainment World getting put on pause…Hemlock is also going to postpone our entire 37 Show Tour until a Safer and Healthier Time Frame.But Hemlock Loves to Rock andContinue reading2020 Hemlock European Tour Postponed