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Round 2

Due to the awesomeness of our friends and fans, we have been getting tons of people asking us how they can still help with our new album…soooo…here we go…round 2.


  We have been in beautiful Southern California doing pre-production for our new album. We have our friend Mikey Doling (from Snot/Soulfly/Channel Zero) produce this album for us.  Everything is going great.  We had a couple of days off, so we headed to the beach of course…had a blast. Now we are in the studio recording drums! 

Made it to Cali!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We left the midwest on Christmas and headed west. After 3 days of driving, some chilly nights and new air compressor belt for the bus, we made it to Palm Desert and have started our Pre-production for the new album. Working with Mikey Doling is great, and just like old times! The Songs are coming along great and it is only day 1! More fun pics and updates coming up along the way. 🙂