Hemlock Highlights & Stats

Hemlock’s 2021 Brand New Double Album links “Karmageddon” and “Violence & Victory”

video links https://www.youtube.com/c/Hemlock/videos


1993 Hemlock formed as a band in Las Vegas Nevada. Recorded “Cowardly Way Out” cassette. Started performing at Elks Lodges, winning High School Talent Shows and Performing all over the Las Vegas Valley at local bars.

1994 Continued to build up their fan base by performing shows around the Las Vegas Valley at Bars and eventually at the Huntridge Theater.

1995 Released “Hard Pressed” cassette. Sold 1000 copies of this casette only release. Opened for their first national act FIGHT “featuring Rob Halford of Judas Priest” at The Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas. And performed a bunch of local clubs drawing 300 to 500 people every show.

1996 Recorded and Released first full length album “Controlance” on both CD and Cassette. Sold 2000 copies on CDs and 500 copies on casette since casettes were getting phased out. Hemlock was one of the first local bands to have an independent release on CD and started leading the way for all local Vegas bands. Hemlock had their First US tour from California to Louisiana and everywhere in between.

1997 Kept building up even bigger fan base in the Vegas Valley and also started doing more and more shows out of town including CA, AZ, NM and CO. A couple of the highlight gigs was opening for DRI and another show opening for Suicidal Tendencies & HEDpe at The Huntridge Theater.

1998 Hemlock started drawing crowds at their own headlining shows in Las Vegas around 500 to 800 Fans every show. So all the local Promoters started taking notice and started offering every support slot for big national bands coming through town including Sepultura, Biohazard, Machine Head, Snot, System Of A Down, Sevendust, Exodus, HEDpe and TONS of other Huge shows.

1999 Recorded “Shut Down” at Cherokee Studios in L.A. Sold 3000 copies independently and continued touring and touring doing over 80 shows that year. Also started integrating even more merchandise than just the regular T-Shirts, Hoodies and CDs at the live shows…Hemlock started selling Lunchboxes, Tank Tops, Hats, Cologne, Candles, KeyChains, Snowglobes and just about anything else you can imagine. This really connected with the younger Fans and by this point Hemlock was spacing out their hometown shows to only 3 Las Vegas shows a Year in between Touring out of state. And every HomeTown Las Vegas show would sell out at over 1000 capacity every time.

2000 More Touring, More Shows, More Fans…Repeat…Repeat. I think Hemlock did over 100 shows this year. Some of the highlight gigs was opening for Soulfly, Snot, HEDpe, Testament, KottonMouth Kings, Kittie and TONS more.

2001 Hemlock Headlined for their first Performance at The Las Vegas House of Blues and packed the House. Recorded “Pigeonholed” at Buhaven Studio in Malibu with Mikey Doling (Snot & Soulfly) Pigeonholed went on to sell over 5000 copies and is still considered one of the classic albums in Hemlocks Discography. Also performing over 100 shows this year too.

2002 Hemlock started working with Dave Kirby and Andrew Goodfriend as their booking agents when they were still with The Agency Group. So Hemlock Toured across the US with Chimaira, 36 Crazyfists & Diecast . And then Hemlock Toured across the US with Hatebreed, Poison The Well & Bane. Hemlock got invited by B-Real of Cypress Hill to Perform on the Main Stage at their Smokeout Festival in Englewood CA opening for all kinds of acts including KottonMouth Kings, Pennywise, Kittie, Posion The Well, Everlast, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Taproot, Cypress Hill & Snoop Dogg. Hemlock also Performed many Headlining shows regionally. One of the Funnest Headline shows that year was Hemlock headlining at the Las Vegas House of Blues. It was a Tuesday Night and we had over 1200 people in attendance. Curl Up And Die was the 1st band, Death By Stereo next, Slaves On Dope, Hatebreed and then Hemlock headlined the entire evening and it was Beyond Epic!

2003 Full US tour with Otep and Sworn Enemy. Also Toured with SLAYER, Hatebreed and Arch Enemy on the Jagermeister tour. Perfomed many many headlining shows. Probably around 175 shows across the US this year.

2004 Recorded “Bleed The Dream” at Digital Insight in Las Vegas. This album sold 7000 copies Performed on a stretch of dates on the Jagermeister tour with Slipknot, Fear Factory & Chimaira. Later that year also Performed a leg of dates on the Jagermeister tour with SLAYER, Killswitch Engage & Mastodon. Performed Tons of more headlining shows.

2005. Had the honor to support Lamb of God up through the Northern US. Performed many upon many Headlining Club and Bar shows. Over 200 shows this year.

2006 Kept grinding that Tour Schedule and selling tons of CDs, Shirts and other Fun Merch all along the way. Also over 200 shows this year across the USA.

2007 Toured a full US with Obituary, Full Blown Chaos. First European tour with Pro-Pain. Performed many headlining shows across US.

2008 Released “No Time For Sorrow” which sold almost 10,000 copies. Toured with Ministry & Meshuggah across full US Tour for 2 months. First Japan Tour and did 6 Headline shows. Performed on a stretch of dates on The Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Slipknot, Disturbed, Machine Head etc. Permormed many more Headlining shows across US

2009 Performed on a few dates on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Marilyn Manson, SLAYER and everyone else on that Amazing tour. Performed many headlining shows across the US

2010 We finally upgraded from the Van and Trailer Combo and we saved up our own money from shows and we Bought our own 35 Foot Tour Bus! Performed with KoRn & 3 Cents and also later in the Fall Performed on the Jagermeister tour with Korn and Rob Zombie. Performed many headlining shows across the US

2011 Toured, Toured and more Tour. We did 170 shows across the US and also filmed multiple videos.

2012 Released “The Only Enemy” album. This album sold 8000 copies. Hemlock Toured US with Mobile Deathcamp. Performed on a stretch of dates on the Rockstar Mayhem Tour with Slipknot, Slayer, Anthrax, etc. Toured in Europe for our 2nd time with the Amazing Band PRO-PAIN. Performed many more headlining shows across the US. Filmed more videos too.

2013 20 Year Anniversary tour. Released “Viva Lock Vegas” Live CD. Over 175 shows this year.

2014 Performed another Headlining tour across the US. Almost 200 shows this year.

2015 Released “Mouth of The Swine” produced by Mikey Doling (Snot/Soulfly) This album has gone on to sell over 10,000 copies. Toured with Ministry again across the US. Performed on The San Bernadino KnotFest opening for Slipknot, KoRn, Judas Priest and everyone else on that Awesome LineUp. Full US headlining tour. Filmed more Fun Videos.

2016 Full Hemlock Headlining US tour with Hungarian band Ektomorf co-Headlining. Then Hemlock Toured with DevilDriver across the entire US again. And then a Full European Tour where Hemlock Co-Headlined with Ektomorf headlining.

2017 Another Full US Hemlock tour with support act Sevedemic. Fall European tour headlining our own shows. Over 180 shows this year.

2018 Released “XXV” a greatest hits of sorts for the 25 Year Anniversary Tour across the US. And then back over to Beautiful Europe for over 2 months to Tour with HEDpe, Pro-Pain and Cradle of Filth and some of our own headline dates in between too. Performed many headlining show across the US. Filmed more Fun Videos. Crazy Fun Busy Year!!!

2019 Headlining US and Canada Shut Down Tour for the 20 year anniversary of our Shut Down album. 2 Legs of the Tour because it was so lengthy with over 140 shows just for this 2 part tour. And then a few more off dates shows later in the year.

2020 2 month European tour postponed due to Corona Virus. We recorded 2 new albums instead and decided to stay focused and positive 🙂

2021. Released two new albums “Karmageddon” and “Violence and Victory