24 thoughts on “Music

  1. katie says:

    Saw your bus in palm desert today! 🙂

  2. walter says:

    Hey seen ur bus in ruidoso a few weeks back in the Denny’s parking lot…. I turned around and tried to find u guys never found u…. I live close to ruisoso ever down this way again hit me up… I lived in Roswell… brought the “LOCK” to this town and I blew people away…

  3. jeff says:

    Saw you bus drive trough Las Vegas Henderson area NICE!

  4. James Lyons says:

    Went to high school with these guys, coolest mofos around; love the music still guys

  5. Ken C says:

    Wicked looking bus in the Walmart parking lot in Hope Mills, NC!

  6. John says:

    Saw you on the I80 E today; cool bus! Have a great show.

  7. Bo Martiny says:

    Play on. When will you be playing here in Vegas?

  8. Ru$$ell says:

    Come to Bloomington Il Sometime We are all your Fans

  9. James says:

    You gguys fucking rocked tonight trhanks for meking my last show the best in six years love the stickers you gve me and the belt HELL yeah i fucking love you guys

  10. xsharpie says:

    you guys can wail !!! man i wish i could sing like that lol i want to say that I love your show, bought two albums. XD keep the music fresh Yah~!!

  11. cheyenne malatare says:

    you guys rocked
    the four o six
    montana loves

  12. ed mendez says:

    Just saw you guys at disneyland tonight.

  13. BMart says:

    Just listening to the tracks on your site…….You have a new fan! So you on the 30th in GF!

  14. Bosco says:

    Grew up on Vegas shows in high school with the Lock, was proud (and drunk) to see the crew reunited at the Billings Montana show last tour on Halloween. Powerful as always, and tighter than ever, the vocals and harmony were f*cking amazing. Hemlock continues to deliver every year and keep getting better. I always judge a band by their live performance, and the Lock always puts on a fun and rocking show.

    Looking forward to the next round boyz!

  15. Alex Jespersen says:

    You guys played an amazing show last friday at sokol. come back to omaha when you can. STAY TRUE FUCKIN METAL!!!!

  16. Timo Junker says:

    Hi guys from Germany,

    I try it on english. Your Music are great. I´m a fan since I´ve heared a song from you in a movie. I can´t remember the movie. Please come to us in Germany. You are welcome on all Heavy Metal Festivals like Wacken.

    Best whishes for the future and many many great music.

  17. josh martinez says:

    FUCKING HEMLOCK!!! you guys are amazing man. i seen u guys in alb,NM on the jagermeister stage BEST time of my life keep it heavy bros come to raton NM we need a fukin show to put some fear in these kids

  18. Kevin Rybolt says:

    Dudes your music is fucking awasome. I hope to go to one of your shows asap, know i feal like kicking my self in the ass for not going to ur metal tours like i wanted, peace out dudes

  19. david barnes says:

    had an awsome show, you should come back to st joe missouri.. i play bass for foul taste of freedom.. you should remember us,,,, but anyways i think we talked about u coming back out nov 13.. get a hold of my manager pat… at 18162617084 for the booking ,.,

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