16 thoughts on “Photos

  1. martin scholz says:

    A horny Drumhead.Many thanks.

  2. steve davvenport the hat panter says:

    i wounderd if you for got me i never was treated as good as when i was around you crazy guys ,take care my brouthers the ghosts from my past still haunt me so ive got to say good bye and no fear

  3. JENNIFER says:

    Would love for you to come back to Kingman AZ

  4. ChrisMacik says:

    Man me and my wife love you guys and have seen and met you guys everytime you come to Colorado Springs! Thanks for being true rockers and love your fans! We want to have you back here soon so we can take our boys to meet you and see your show, they both love your music!

  5. Alberta says:

    To Chad & the guys, THANK YOU for makin my b-day so F*&^ing AWESOME! Loved you guys at Joe’s Grotto on October 5th, thanx for the pics and autographs. I kinda blacked out there towards the end – heh heh – but I HAVE VIDEO to prove you guys ROCKED!

  6. Dannielle Austin says:

    hey u guys thats my tatt and the one with the two ppl is me and my brother…. u guys need to get the new pic of my tatt up now that its done

  7. James says:

    CHAD cant wait to see yall in bullhead again we need to get some show pics up from here my hair is long and i need something to mosh to this will be my last show make it count from everyone in bullhead FUCKING HEMLOCK RULEZ

  8. Kevin Corder says:

    Thats me in photo 12 in Kuwait back in 05… good times.

  9. james rutherford says:

    hey just saying whats up i am from bullhead looking for my photo my buddy wants to see i fucking love HEMLOCK thanks again for signing my bass and taking the pic with me

  10. Ericka says:

    These pics are great! I have a few from Mayhem Fest 2010 in ct. haha Glad to have seen you guys, you fucking rock. :]

  11. TONY says:

    Just wanted to say THANKS for awesome gig at Skatefest2010 it was a killer set!! Hope you guys can make it back to New York again soon. I worked security for the show and you guys were far the best that night.

    Thanks Again!!

  12. Diana says:

    My SUV now has a HEMLOCK sticker so i need to get a picture of it to you guys so I can be on the cool HEMLOCK car photos!

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