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  1. Pete LINER 1635 Lawnridge ave. SPRINGFIELD , OR 97477. says:

    I am Pete FRom oregon . I went to high school with you guys. It is too bad that you DON’T play again in eugene. IF YOU do come to Salem again, I would like to know, so I could drive up to see you and rock out with my friends . Thank you Chad and Brian for the awesome and unforgettable experience the last time I saw you at the downtown lounge in eugene. I will always be a Hemlock fan. By the way, I have a 666 tattoo inspired by you guys.

  2. Tom says:

    Been riding with you guys since 1999 and still going Hemlock 4 life.

  3. Bernd says:

    Great Show yesterday in Augsburg, Germany!
    My first time with hemlock put a big (long-lasting) smile on my face! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Ken says:

    Where the fuck is hemlock!!!! Come play in Ventura retirements for PUSSYS!!!! First time ive seen you in concert was in denver when i was 13 am now 30….. gotta teach these clowns what it means in the pit FUCK circle mosh pits!! DEATHWALL 100% if your not bleeding your doing it wrong

    Love ken Schmelzel

  5. Tom aka Pro-FitZ says:

    HEY YALL its Tom Nielsen been down with yall since 99. Yall are like the creator OG’s of the wall of DEATH? Nothing but get times ive seen you live atleast 20x and each one is better and better. Happy Holidays to everyone of you and I hope to see you in LAS VEGAS on december 3. you guys helped inspire alot of my solo music my stage name is Profit5150 aka Pro-fitz on soundcloud its really raw cuz I beez a starving artist. but anywho i digress HEMLOCK 4 LIFE.thank for kicking ass.

  6. Maddy Walters says:

    You guys are a great band you are really nice guys had a great time yesterday at the falls venue!! Can’t wait to see you next!!

  7. salamander says:

    This band is my cup of tea!!!

  8. rick says:

    Las vegas hemlock for life o
    zone 702 rocks

  9. justice says:

    you should come back and play in Arizona…. I love your music and nothing compares to coming to you guys live.

  10. BlackRavens says:

    You guys should do a show in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota….i will freak out…<3

  11. William says:

    Hey u should look up Austins fuel room in libertyville Illinois hope u guys can play there

  12. simon garcia says:

    Kick ass show at 508! Albafuckinqurqe loves you guys. Hope to see you next year.

  13. larry says:

    great band, great guys, met you guys in springfield oregon, was an honor meeting future hall of famers you guys rock with the best..

  14. larry thacker says:

    hey you guys need to come to sacramento for your vegas people out here man im dying to see you guys been supporting since 1999 cant remember the last show i went to need my hemlock fix

  15. jay says:

    I just passed you guys going south on I-17. wish I could make the show in Prescott! The bus kicks ass!

  16. Fatjuggalette says:

    You guys fucking rocked Billings MT best way to spend a night off whoop whoop…………….. p.s. YOU GUYS GOT TO COME BACK :):)

  17. Mike says:

    I’ve been going to your shows since the Huntridge theatre, and caught the Ministry tour and at least 25 shows in between. I moved from Vegas to indianapolis so bring some shows here now. There are die hard metal heads here I’m turning on to your music, and of course the wall of death

  18. Abel says:

    Hey I saw you guys rock the house in Portland opening for Ministry. That was a sick show. I hope you are comin to Portland Or again.

  19. cam gonzales says:

    dudes, your clovis portales fans are waiting for another kick ass show. we wana know when were gona see yall again

  20. Sheridan says:

    Man it would be kick ass if u guys came back to gallup NM and play gig beat ya lots of ppl would show up

  21. Chuck says:

    DOD got on the Nov. 7th show w/ Hemlock, The Athiarchists & Neversleep, gonna be a rager, let’s do it, hails our H-lock bro’s.

  22. Carm, mike and friends says:

    Been following u since 2000!! we are all major fans and metalheads, we have been to most of ur NM & AZ shows. Keep kicking ASS and we will follow, Much fucken love fr Phoenix,AZ we are waiting to hopefully see u soon.

  23. GFHC CHEY says:

    Can’t to see you guys back in great falls montana you fucking kick ass!!!

  24. dosha says:

    whats up! I am a huge fan from Farmington New Mexico! i love your shows, you guys are fucking ausome.

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